The Story

In 2008, the economy crashed. And it transformed the way we worked forever. Too many people had sacrificed their dreams for a pension and a paycheck. But when the market collapsed, it challenged our assumptions about work, life, and success. As jobs were being outsourced, automated, and eliminated, we quickly realized "job security" no longer came from a company; it came from our ability to recognize our gifts, find our purpose, and add value to others. 

The majority of the people on the planet are stuck in monotonous, meaningless, and soul-sucking jobs. We started UP because we knew there had to be a better way to work. There are too many smart, talented, passionate, and compassionate people trapped in jobs they didn't love, wasting their talents, and waiting for the weekends. Our goal is to resurrect dreams, and equip this next generation with proven tools and strategies to build a business, scale your income, and make the world a better place.