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How To Add Value To Others


Adding value to others is the secret to making an impact, and living a life that matters. So how should you add value? The answer to this lies in your sweet spot: the intersection of your personality, skills, abilities, and experiences.


1. What have you been given? What experiences have you had that have uniquely equipped you to add value to others? They could be positive experiences, or difficult ones that you had to overcome. What accomplishments, resources, or experiences can you draw upon to help others and add value to them?


2. What do you have to give? Look inward. Everyone has qualities, talents, and skills that have the potential to add value to others. What is inside you that can help make others better? What skills do you possess? What talents have been given to you? What personality traits do you have that can add value to others. Anything and everything can be used to help others, if you make helping others a priority.


3. What can you do? Every day you can be intentional about adding value to people's lives. You can look at your schedule and ask yourself, "who can I help today? How can I help them? When should I do that?" Looking outward with an eagerness to add value to others will influence how you see people. We see only what we're prepared to se in others and in the world.


What you have to give is unique. No one can give what you can give. 


Give your gifts.


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