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Make This Habit a Lifestyle


No one can be indifferent and live a life of impact. We have to want to make life better for others. Many people do that casually; they are prompted by circumstances: they see a person in trouble, and stop to help; or a friend calls for a favor, and they respond. Good! But there is another, higher level of adding value that people of significance embrace. It's intentional; it's proactive; and it's a lifestyle.


People of intentional impact make it their everyday goal to add value to people using their best gifts, skills, and resources. It's part of their purpose. They're always actively looking for ways to make the lives of other people better.


For example, you can . . .


Set alerts on your phone twice a day: the morning alert can ask: "who will I add value to?" The evening the alert can ask: "how did I add value to others today?" If you feel like you haven't added value to someone that day, don't go to bed until you have.


Send a one minute phone message of encouragement to 5 people every day.


Write three personal notes every day.


You don't have to be a superstar or overachiever to add value to people. You just need to care enough to start doing something about it.


Author George Eliot said, "try to care about something in this vast world other than the gratification of small selfish desires. Try to care for what's best in thought and action -- something that is good other than the accidents of your own life. Look on others' lives, besides your own. What their troubles are, and how they are borne."


Add value to others daily.








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