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What's Your One Word?

One way to focus on your purpose is to focus on the core of who you are, and see what grows from that.


In the book Aspire, Kevin Hall writes, "the first thing I do when I'm coaching someone who aspires to grow, and go higher in life is to have the person select the one word that best describes him or her. Once a person does that, it's as if he or she has turned to a page in a book, and highlighted one word. Instead of seeing 300 different words on the page, the person's attention and intention is focused immediately on that single word, that single gift. What the individual focuses on expands." 


What is your one word? What is the word that best describes you? That single word may inspire you, focus your attention, and help you understand your purpose.  Where will that one word take you? How does it relate to adding value to others? How does it create impact? 


Keep your one word in your back pocket as you go about your day in upcoming weeks, and see where it leads you, doing something that makes a difference.


Choose your one word.

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