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It's Time You Play Lost and Found


We have two great tasks in life: to find ourselves, and to lose ourselves. 


1. Find yourself. Ultimately, I believe we find ourselves by discovering our "why". Your why is your purpose - your reason for being on this planet.  Purpose comes from the inside. It comes from looking closely at the gifts and experiences we've been given, and determining how to use those tools for something greater than ourselves. It's fun to take personality tests and skills assessments, but it can't stop there. The sooner you know you're why, the sooner you can shift your focus from yourself to others. This second step is where impact lives and thrives. That is where the magic happens. 


Focusing only on ourselves is a hollow and unfulfilling way to live. But we all have to find ourselves before we can lose ourselves in the service of others. If you are preoccupied with trying to understand your personality, identify your talents, and learn the basics in your skill set, it's hard to think about others. That's why we need to take time now to know yourself, and settle on your why. And then you'll have the capacity to focus on others, and live a rich life. 


2. Lose yourself. We lose ourselves and live a life of impact by putting others first. The result: the people we help also find themselves, and the cycle begins again. That cycle has the power to live on after us. That cycle is our legacy. 


Losing ourselves means being at the service of others. It means using our personality, our skills, passions and experience to do something for them that they couldn't do for themselves. It means using our purpose to uplift and enrich the lives of those we serve. It is in losing ourselves that we live lives of impact, meaning, and fulfillment. When we die, we can't take with us what we have, but we can live in others by what we gave.


Begin to find yourself so you can lose yourself.




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