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Four Reasons to Get Clear on Your Purpose

When you tap into your purpose, you'll be able to do simple things that matter. Knowing your "why?" helps you know what to do and how to follow through.


1. Knowing your purpose helps you focus less on yourself and more on others.

Purpose comes from inside. The sooner you know you're why, the sooner you can shift your focus from yourself to others. This is where impact lives and thrives.


We all have to find ourselves before we can lose ourselves in the service of others. If you are preoccupied with trying to understand your personality, identify your talents, and learn the basics in your skill set, it's hard to think about others. Know yourself, and settle on your why. And then you'll have the capacity to focus on others.


2. Living your purpose gives you a confidence that is attractive to others.  Knowing your why gives you a sense of security and comfort in everything you attempt and do. That confidence and self-assuredness is usually appealing and reassuring to others because most people long for that.


Have you ever noticed people who walk into a room and you can feel their presence? They just seem to know what they were doing, and where they were going. They brought energy into the room. And it's not ego or arrogance. It's purpose. People with purpose walk with an air of distinction. Purpose is the rudder on your boat. It gives you direction, and keeps you moving in the right direction when the winds are blowing and the waves are crashing all around you. It gives you a calm and confidence in the middle of chaos. People who know their purpose can keep their head up, while everything else around them is in turmoil. And that draws others to them.


3. Your purpose reinforces your strengths, and vice versa.

Peoples' strengths and individual purposes are always connected. I believe that, because I believe God has gifted everyone with the ability to be great. But you don't have to be a person of faith to make the connection between talent and purpose. Your WHY fuels your strengths, and your strengths are the tools to fulfill your why. Every time you use your strengths to live out your purpose, you build on your strengths and increase your purpose.


Living his way adds depth to your ability, purpose, credibility, and impact to your life. The more you do the more you learn. Because every experience builds on the ones before. Think about this: when you start off doing something, you're usually not very good at it. But with time and practice, you get better. Then you build on your small successes, which builds up confidence as a result. That's how great athletes do it. They don't start professional. It takes years of practice to reach the highest level. How? They build on their wins, their losses, their pains, and their gains. 



4. The more you build on your purpose, the more impact it has on others. Purpose is like a snowball rolling down a hill. It compounds. Doing the right things for the right reasons with the right people over time gives you a huge return. Most people want to see a huge return on their efforts right away. They want a million subscribers before they've posted their first video; or a million followers before their first post. We want the wins without the work. But that's not how life works. You have to earn credibility. But if you keep acting in line with your purpose, and taking intentional action ever day, year by year, decade after decade, your impact will keep increasing. 


5. Your purpose gives you stamina. Having a why keeps you in the game longer. Have you ever known someone who dies soon after retiring? Why does that happen? Because people have a harder time living without a why to live for. What incentive do they have to keep living when there is no purpose for their action, and no reason to get out of bed each morning. I don't ever want to retire. I want to keep creating and giving until I have nothing left. When you know your purpose, you live fully until you die.


Do you know your why? Finding it is usually a process. You probably won't do it overnight, and you probably won't get the whole thing at once. But it comes bit by bit as you take steps forward. That's why it's so important to start small, and believe big. 


Clarify your purpose.



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