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Do The Scary Thing First

"Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power. You are free."


Playing it safe out of the possibility of failure is the biggest disservice we do to ourselves and the world. We spend so much of our lives in our own heads and imagining the worst possible outcomes, convincing ourselves that if we take a risk, we would fall flat on our faces and embarrass ourselves along the way. But one study shows that of all our fears and worries, 99% of them never come to fruition. That's a massive waste of brainpower. 


Deep down we all know that we are each much braver, bolder, and brighter than we give ourselves permission to be. What would your life be like if every morning you woke up excited to complete the most daunting task of the day first? Imagine how accomplished you'd feel if you knocked out the hardest thing before the lunch bell even rang.


Action Breeds Confidence

When you do something you didn't think you could, you get a surge of confidence. And more often than not, you succeeded because you let your quirky, bold, authentic self shine through. Take the step despite your fear. Think about how much closer you would get to your dreams if you decided, right now, to always work towards your goals, not without fear, but in spite of it. 


Confidence Breeds Courage

Action breeds confidence, and confidence crushes fear.  Because if you live life in the safe zone, you will never live a life of greatness. You would never have tasted the triumph of risk and reward, after having risked and failed. And in the words of Teddy Roosevelt, you would "while daring greatly," rise above "those cold and timid souls who neither triumph nor defeat." 


Courage Breeds Legacies

Growth always happens outside of your comfort zone. You become the person you were created to be when you stretch beyond the person that you currently are. When you get a taste of what you are capable of, you begin to demand the best from yourself, and you will persist towards your vision of excellence. You were made to become the best version of yourself, and in doing so, you would give others permission to do the same.  No one ever achieved anything great by playing it safe. And no one ever inspired others to become their best without aspiring for that themselves. 




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