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Why I Love Wix. . . And Why You Should Too.



I fumbled my way through the online business world for years. I tried several different website builders, and most of them nearly killed me. But Wix? It was my knight in shining armor. 


Wix is great for beginners. I consider myself an eternal beginner, but I am an advocate of this platform for several reasons. (Even for you non-beginners!)


1. You Don't Need To Know Code! (Like, AT. ALL.)

Wix is designed and built specifically for non-developers. Apparently there are "customization limits to using Wix", but ignorance is bliss, and as a non-developer, I am blissfully unaware of what's fully possible, and so I am more than completely content with what Wix can and DOES do for me. (So far I have a online purchases, video courses, a private forum, a blog, photo galleries . . . so I have no complaints!)


Wix is what computer nerds call a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) website builder. So you can drag and drop pictures, paragraphs, photo galleries, shopping cart buttons. . .well, everything, directly into the website builder. What it looks like in the builder is what it will look like when you publish. MAGIC! And guess what? All without a lick of code.


2. User Friendly:

This might sound a little redundant, because"no code" might itself imply "user friendly". But I HAVE used other no-code website builders (ahem, sitebuilder.com), and all I remember was nightmares. It's all sort of a blur, but I remember walking away from them with deep, jagged, nasty scars. I thought I would never build another site again. 


As for the classic "WordPress" option, I mean maybe I'm just slow, but the learning curve was pretty steep for me. I never could get a grip of the functionality, let alone being comfortable enough to make it look pretty. I guess you could always hire developers to help you, but  it would take time to her and manage the person, not to mention unnecessary cost. Plus, I personally hate being at the mercy of someone else to build my dream. It's super empowering to do it yourself. 


3. Awesome Support Team:

Wix has a focused support team to help their users trouble shoot. They've also curated a ton of help articles, videos, and forums to support you to build your website. They ALSO offer email and scheduled phone support, which I have cashed in several times, and been VERY please.


My previous experiences were not so pleasant. SiteBuilder had me chasing my tail, provided minimal support via chat, and when serious customer support issues came up, they were no where to be found. One of their operators even hang up on me . . . twice! I was beyond shocked. I began to question whether it was all a scam. As for WorPress, they have a large community of users and an overwhelming amount of tutorials, but it's not as organized, and if you post a question to their forum, you're not guaranteed a timely response. 


4. Ongoing Maintenance

Since Wix doest open its platform to outside developers, they control all aspects of the platform so they manage all the updates and maintenance work for you. The updates are carried out by their technical team and automatically deployed to your site. You don't have to do any of the manual labor (and you probably won't even know any updates took place!) This is great if you work in on a tiny team (or if you're flying solo), without the benefit of a dedicated website team to support you.


As for WordPress, I hear it requires frequent maintenance and monitoring, especially if there are updates to the platform, theme, or plugins. You are responsible for maintaining your website. And SiteBuilder? Don't get me started...


5. Pricing Structure

Wix offers 5 premium pricing plans and one free plan. The packages get you more access to more features as you progress. The packages start from $7-$30 per month if  you go with the monthly plan, and if you sign up for the 1-2 year plan, you can save anywhere from 18%-43% a year, depending on which package you select, and the ongoing annual cost ranges from $48-$360/year.  (P.S. the domain names are included for free in the annual plans, so I would HIGHLY recommend that! When I purchased one from godaddy.com, scammers and marketers where hounding me like you wouldn't believe. Never. Again.)


Apparently competitors like WordPress range from $200-$15,000, depending on various factors (like hosting, themes, plugins, hiring help, etc.) Is it bad that I'm still not even really sure what hosting and themes are?



Wix, Wix, Wix!

. . . Need I say more?

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