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What In The World Is "Meraki?"


Silly me! I almost forgot to tell you what "Meraki" is, means, or is all about . . . 

"Meraki" (pronounced ma-ROCK-ee) is a Greek word of ancient origins. It means, "the essence of yourself that is poured into your work"; or "to do something with soul, creativity or passion." 

What I found especially interesting is that there is no equivalent to Meraki in the english language! We don't have a single word to capture the state of loving our work. That's pretty sad.

Instead, we tend to hate our work. We dread Mondays, and we can't wait until Fridays. We are burnt out, frustrated, stressed, and bored.

But here's another interesting fact: the word "bored" does not exist in the ancient Greek language! The same culture that coined the term "meraki", the culture that produced the most incredible artists, architects, philosophers, astronomers . . . doesn't even believe in the existence in the word bored, boring, or boredom. That is a modern-day malady. 

But the reason Socrates, Aristotle, Homer, Plato, and Alexander the Great were so. . .well, great, and so instrumental in shaping their world (and history!), is because all these people were doing what they loved!

What would our world look like if we abandoned the idea of boredom, and all it's ugly cousins like apathy and complacency, and pursued the work we love? If we embraced "Meraki"?  It would be an altogether different place. 

What would YOUR world look like if you did the work you loved?

So Meraki Ventures is an outlet for us to do what we love (explore, create, share, and be curious), to showcase other people who do what they love (through our love of storytelling), and to give YOU the tools to do what YOU love (without ending up a starving artist living in a cardboard box under a bridge). 

Sound good? I hope so! And I hope your excited to squash this modern-day plague called apathy, and dive in to work that excites you, and unlocks your soul, creativity, and passion. I want you to move from thinking of merely what "should" be done, to what could be done. 

Stay tuned for more . . . Because I have SO much more to give you! Until then . . .


Big hugs,  

P.S. If we're not connected on Facebook yet, come on over! We'll be building a collection of great quotes, inspiring stories, and nuggets of wisdom to keep you fueled for this journey! You can also find me on my personal Instagram and Twitter accounts. (I'm fairly new to both, so bear with me while I get some juicy content up for you!) 

P.P.S. If you haven't already, make sure you get in on our FREE 90-Minute Masterclass: Discover & Do the Work You Love! This little gem is JAM packed with juicy information -- you don't want to miss it! 




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