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What's Your Excuse? (Hint: None of Them are Good Ones)



"If you do what you've always done,

you'll get what you always got."

-Mark Twain


More than 80% of people don't enjoy their work.

Almost 75% don't even know what they are passionate about.


Meraki's mission is to turn these statistics upside down! Imagine a world where more than 80% of people can't wait to get to their work -- if people spent time doing the things they were passionate about. The world would be a completely different place!


Because when you spend more time living your legacy, you become a better version of yourself. And as a result, everyone around you becomes better too. The change can be contagious. 


We're here to serve the 80% who are unfulfilled in their work BUT committed to finding and doing the work that matters to them. It's crazy to think that so many of us are willing to act in a way that leads to such emptiness, burnout, and despair. 


That stops here. 


If you were miserable, you'd want to change that, right?


For more than 7 years, we've heard from thousands of people in terrible pain, struggling through days of unfulfilling work. So much potential left on the table. 


Why don't more people do something to improve their situation?


Because their narrative holds them back. The stories they tell themselves limit what they believe is possible. They are unable to break the chains and do something that actually brings them to life. 


The irony is, these people share the same stories. Do any of these sound familiar?


Disclaimer: Believe us, we know making any transition can be unbelievably challenging (and terrifying!). We will never discredit that. But there are a thousand examples of those worse off than you, more strapped than you, and more scared than you, who still manage to find their way. We will never promise that it will be easy. But we firmly believe that you can do it, and everything we do is designed to support you. Sometimes, the best way to find and do work you love is to look for opportunities wherever you find yourself. For the risk-averse, this can be your best course of action! So keep your eyes peeled and keep an open mind.  


With that said, let's find out which excuses are keep YOU for living the life you were uniquely designed for?


1. I don't know what I'm passionate about.

2. I don't know how to make money from my passion.

3. The people around me will think I'm crazy if I quit my job and "follow my dreams."

4. I don't have anyone to go to for advice, support, or encouragement. 

5. I can't find the courage to start.

6. What if I fail? 

7. I have a family, mortgage, and financial obligations that I'm responsible for. 

8. My passion is not the kind of thing you can make money from; it's just a little hobby.

9. I'm not qualified enough. There are plenty of experts in my field with more experience than me. 

10. Between my current job, my family, trying to stay healthy, and all my other responsibilities, I don't have time to work on my passion.

11. It's too risky. In this economy, I need to keep any job security I can find.

12. I have a terrible time following through. 

13. I've never heard of someone who's been able to make a living off my specific passion. 

14. I'm too old and waited too long. I wish I had thought about this 25 years ago. 

15. I spent years studying something in university that I can't stand doing now. (Lawyers, anyone?) But it would be way too much of a waste of time to switch now. 


The good news? YOU. ARE. NOT. ALONE.
We all feel any number of these things at times. 


But the people who love what they do broke through those challenges. Somehow, some way, they overcame. And they're no different than you. 


Living your passion and purpose is not just a job -- it's a way of life. They aren't just lucky. They have conditioned themselves to live, work, and grow into the best version of themselves. They invest time and effort, at any cost. It is hard work. But you'll live a life you can look back on without regret.


Which excuses have you been listening to? The ones that haunt you and needs to be beat? Or do you have some of your own that aren't even on this list? Write them down.


Congratulations! Awareness is the first step. Progress will happen as fast as you're willing to commit to breaking through your comfort zone. . . 


Start NOW! Find your excuse and start facing it head on with action. Believing your excuses will crush your dreams. Challenging them will change your life. Remember, everything was impossible until someone did it.  


Now, under each excuse, list a.) why this excuse is total bologna, and b.) what are you willing to do instead, to get where you most want to go. 


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