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Rhett Power, Entrepreneur & Speaker

"Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you're proud to live."

-Anne Sweeney


In 2009, Rhett Power was a few days away from closing down his company, and he struggled how he would tell his wife he had just blown their life savings. He and his business parter had been sleeping in a van, eating cold ravioli, stealing toilet paper from convention centers, and living on little more than a vision and a dream. The economic downturn left them burnt out and nearly bankrupt. 


Just two years earlier, Rhett had a lucrative career that paid him to travel around the world, provided exceptional housing, and created a very comfortable lifestyle for him and his family. He abandoned that . . . for a toy company. Not only that, but a failing toy company.. They had stumbled on this little store in Charleston, South Carolina. The owner was very much ready to retire, his signature product was little more than mediocre, and the only assets he could show for his humble little business was a fistful of bills piled in a dusty old safe in the back. On paper, it didn't make sense. Rhett and his business partner had families, houses, mortgages; but they fell in love with the idea. They made a decisive choice to leave their jobs and their safety nets behind to turn this failing toy company into something more. And they had no choice but to make it work.


"A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins."

- Vince Lombardi


There was no exit plan. To Rhett, having a Plan B was to admit defeat before he started. "I can't bring myself to do that." So financially, he was all in. They had an unshakeable resolve "to do [their] own thing." Because, as Rhett explained, when you settle for "just a job", you have no choices -- or limited choices at best. They could no longer tolerate doing jobs they actually hated, just for the money. (And it was a lot of money.) But money clearly wasn't enough. They wanted freedom to create success, and live a life, on their own terms. 


They had a ragtag team of misfits: one without a high school degree, one without a drivers license, and almost none with any business background. But "they were hungry." In one pseudo-meeting in a borrowed conference room at a local hotel, Rhett's partner attempted to educate the team using SWOT analysis, profit margins, and ROI's, but Rhett recognized the glaze in their eyes. He asked if he could interject. And he wrote on the whiteboard: "one million frogs." . . . "This," he said, "is our company goal." And they got it. This was a science and nature toy company. And that frog was their signature product. One million frogs meant multiple million dollars. And Rhett had a way of bringing ideas together, and communicating them as a common goal, with powerful simplicity and mesmerizing eloquence.


So they began. And then, the economy tanked. And in the midst of the biggest financial crisis in 70 years, they kept pushing. Without a backup plan, and only a few dollars to spare, that is when they were at their best. The recession squeezed them into a state of resourcefulness, efficiency, and ingenuity. Those constraints forced them to make it work. And they made it work. They would be on their last dime; they would try, have a little success, and make just enough to get them through to their next opportunity. It took tremendous perseverance, maturity, and absolute relentlessness in the will to win. They leaned on self-reliance, with no entitlements. They ran on sheer belief. They had dogged work ethic and they never quit. Ultimately, they transformed a tiny, failing toy store in Charleston, South Carolina into the fastest growing company in the U.S. 



Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.

-John Maxwell


Rhett Power radiates with altruism and authenticity. He reaches out and inspires others around the world to achieve and do good in the world. He has a natural confidence that begets influence, and he takes pride -- and joy -- in guiding others to work together to improve themselves and their community. The toy company was one vehicle to success, but even moreso, it was a vehicle by which he could do meaningful work: helping others become their best selves. He used his experience to teach budding entrepreneurs how to turn their ideas into impact, and to navigate the winding road to success. To Rhett, work that has purpose helps people reach their potential.


Rhett has turned his focus into helping individuals do better for themselves. He emphasizes the importance of not letting other people (or society) define your success; to live life on your own terms. When we are so subject to the whims and influcence of social media, television, comparison, we will be devoid of the contentment that is key to a rich life. "We are a society defined by instant gratification. We want immediate results and are surprised when quick fixes fail to create lasting change." 


When asked, Rhett will tell you life is his passion: living life to its fullest. Living by his own rules, not somebody else's. Things are a lot less important than experiences. Rhett walks the talk. He lives by his values, and inherently inspires others to do the same. And through his coaching and resources, he provides accountability, wisdom, and support along your journey to success.



Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life. It's about what you inspire others to do.



Rhett's Advice to You:


Change starts with you. You need to evolve in order for your vision to. You need to invest in becoming a stronger, smarter, more resilient leader. Thoughts have more influence over your life than you realize. Positive thoughts build confidence, and confidence is essential for success. 


"If you ask someone what they would do, they typically have an answer." But it takes courage to break out of that shell and decide break free from the constraints of convention. It takes a lot of guts. A lot of belief in yourself. It takes time to get your courage up. It can mean abandoning security in order to forge a path to something much greater. 


Your mindset -- that inner dialogue with yourself -- either inspires you to bold action, or paralyzes you into no action at all. It can be the thing that tells us we can achieve anything, or it can be that sinister voice that wants to keep us small, and stuck. That voice is why people fail to act; why people fail to challenge themselves; it makes people hold on to status quo. 


The root of that sinister voice is fear. But fear should never be in the driver's seat. Before you can get to making your dreams come true, you have to revise the way that you talk to yourself, in order to really understand why you failed to act. 


Because real change happens through action: practical techniques that will make you the leader and entrepreneur you've always wanted to be. Change takes daily work, discipline, and time. Success does not happen by chance; it happens by change.


Success is up to you.


"Don't let your learning lead to knowledge.

Let you're learning lead to action."

-Jim Rohn


Can't Get Enough of Rhett?


Rhett just released a powerful new book called The Entrepreneur's Book of Actions: Daily Exercises to Become Wealthier, Smarter, and More Successful. Jam packed with 365 days of actionable wisdom, this little tool has already made it to the top of Amazon's Best-Seller list. And it could be the bridge that takes you from where you are to where you want to be.


Also, for more details on Rhett's incredible journey, be sure to check out One Million Frogs. This provides aspiring entrepreneurs, risk-takers, and change-makers with ample validation and inspiration, and includes valuable insight into the knowledge gained in growing a highly profitable business in even the most tumultuous times.


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