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Love Thy Neighbor Care Packages

"Reach out a hand to your brother, for the unselfish look out for their fellow man."

-Samuel Sumner



A "steward" in the truest sense of the word, designer and clothing store owner Dusty Gilpin demonstrates how to turn "love" into action. Last year, he noticed panhandlers standing in the cold, and realized he had nothing to offer. This year, he drives around stocked and ready with headwear, blankets, scarves, and sweatshirts. "As long as it's cold, I'm going to try to keep stock of these 'Love Thy Neighbor' boxes." He also makes these boxes available for purchase at his store, so "if you encounter someone who needs some warmth, pass it on."


For the full story, I encourage you to check out Love Thy Neighbor Care Packs by Dusty Gilpin.


Dusty Gilpin is a third generation commercial artist and illustrator. As a college dropout and self-taught printer, Dusty made a distinct mark on the industry with his unique stylistic blend of typography, outdoors, cartoons, and graffiti. He is the owner of a popular clothing brand and store called Tree &Leaf. 


Why 'Tree & Leaf'?


The name Tree & Leaf was originated on a whim but has come to mean quite a bit over the last 10 years. Tree & Leaf represents a collective passion for the outdoors shared by the owners, employees, and clients of our company. Whether it’s hiking, camping, skating, or sailing, we have an eagerness to explore.


Tree & Leaf represents a like-mindedness for community growth and involvement. Building and encouraging an art community, volunteering at a neighboring school, or helping a friend repair a broken vehicle; Tree & Leafers have a persistent fervor to improve their surroundings. There is always a point where an idea ends and action begins, we firmly believe in getting our hands dirty to accomplish our goals.


To explore more of what this amazing company has to offer, check out http://www.treeandleafclothing.com.


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