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Don't Be Afraid of Being Broken



"The seed breaks to give us the wheat. The soil breaks to give us the crop. The sky breaks to give us the rain, the wheat breaks to give us the bread. And the bread breaks to give us the feast." 

-Ann Voskamp


Never be afraid of being a broken thing. Because it is often through being broken that we are able to free the gifts that are trapped inside of us. 


I remember one of the most powerful moments growing up. I sat on the floor of my bathroom, crying. I was shattered. I felt like a broken vessel. I had too many cracks to count. 


And it was in that moment that I realized something that profoundly changed who I was. If I remain empty, than I will never be more than a broken vessel. There is no fixing my cracks. But if I filled myself with God, and His love and grace and mercy, He would pour into me and out of my cracks, and be a blessing to those around me. 


And at that point, I submitted myself to pour into the lives of others, as often and as richly as I could; to keep myself filled, so there would be substance that would pour out of my cracks.


Being broken rids us of the disillusion of self-sufficiency. Being broken purges us from the plight of perfectionism. Being broken allows us to give more freely, and pour consistently into the lives of others. But that is only if you fill yourself. You cannot give what you do not have. And if you do not have, you are nothing but a cracked and empty vessel. 


So embrace your cracks, humbly accept your imperfection, and fill yourself with something that will pour richly into the lives of other. That is your gift.



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