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Successful or Unsuccessful: What Do Your Habits Say About You?

"The difference between who you are

and who you want to be

is what you do."



Successful People: Want Others to Succeed

Unsuccessful People: Want Others to Fail


Successful People: Give Compliments

Unsuccessful People: Criticize Without Valid Reason


Successful People: Forgive Others

Unsuccessful People: Hold a Grudge


Successful People: Take Responsibility For Their Failures

Unsuccessful People: Blame Others For Their Failures


Successful People: Talk About Ideas

Unsuccessful People: Talk About People


Successful People: Embrace Change

Unsuccessful People: Are Afraid of Change


Successful People: Continuously Learn New Things

Unsuccessful People: Think They Know It All


Now, if you caught yourself on the wrong side of the equation in any of these, don't beat yourself up! We all have room to grow. The beauty of it is, each and every one of these conditions are 100% within YOUR control. Success is not a talent some people are born with. It is not some gift reserved for the special few. It is not the product of wishful thinking. Success is based on action. . . within your control.


So if you're floundering in any area, make a note of it. Be conscious of it. And work intentionally to grow in the areas you need to. It is what you do that will bridge the gap between where you are, and where you want to be. 


So go out there and be a successful person, in every moment that presents itself to you. There's seven of them up there. Pick one and practice it each day. Focus on it. Exercise it consciously, like a muscle. And each day, you'll watch yourself become stronger, until eventually, success will be second nature to you. 


To your success,






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