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Does Your Work Define You? Maybe It Should . . .



Few categories in our lives define us and grow us spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and personally. 


Our work is one of those powerful, defining areas. 


Sadly, most people settle for a job. But a calling brings you to life. It lights a fire. It is passionate, purpose-driven work. 


We hope that, through Meraki, we can share the insights and implementation strategies to help you discover and develop your purpose. This process has influenced thousands of lives, including mine. 


You see, ACTION is key. 


"Knowing is not enough, we must apply.

Willing is not enough, we must do." 

-Johann Wolfgang con Goeth


I'm excited about this because these resources puts clothes on concepts. You may be like me; I sometimes need help putting ideas into action. But knowledge without action is personified in the overeducated, broke, and broken. Trust me. I've been there.


All of our content is designed to lead you closer to your passion, purpose, and potential. And our masterclass is carefully designed to help you implement a step-by-step plan to show the world your purpose and your passion in a way that is most fulfilling to you. 


When you start discovering and doing the things you'll learn here, you will have a sense of power and energy -- beyond yourself -- that propels you through adversity and errors. This clarity and conviction will give you the insight to recognize that even wrong turns can work together for the good in the end.


Over the past several years, while meeting and spending time with incredible people who have become very successful, I've noticed several common traits among them. 


Two of those traits really stand out. 


1. They do what they love. 

They discovered, developed and do purpose-driven work. They cultivate their calling. They do do the work that draws together their passions, harnesses their personality, utilizes their proficiency, and provides a profitable solution to the world's most interesting problems. 


2. They use their mistakes wisely.

That gleaming mountain of success is actually a massive pile of mistakes. But the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is not error-free pursuit. It is how they use their mistakes. The successful climb up and stand on top of their mountain of mistakes; the unsuccessful lay buried underneath them. 


Most of us spend too much of our lives paralyzed with fear, shame, guild, and dread when it comes to our work. Work has become a daily grand rather than a grand adventure. 


The beauty of this material is, as you begin to implement these concepts, you will begin to process these negative emotions and move into a thriving work life. 


As someone who lives this material daily, I can promise you will still experience doubt, fear, failure, and mistakes. 


However, by finding and functioning within your purpose, you will grow in confidence that you were put here to make a difference, in spite of those fears doubts, not without them. 


"Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid.

Courage means you don't let fear stop you."

-Bethany Hamilton


I'm excited for you because, by engaging with this content, you are lighting a fire. The wood may be a little old, damp, or disillusioned. But it has the capacity to be a bonfire. This content is all about action, so let's make it happen!


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