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The Core Four Personality Types



"The art of being yourself at your best 

is the art of unfolding your personality

into the person you were meant to be." 

-W. Peterson


Understanding the personality you were given will help you more effectively express your gifts, passions, and abilities, and become the person you were designed to be. It also points out that, in our weaknesses, we must rely on the different strengths of others, and humbly accept that we cannot do this on our own. We were built to complement each other. And only by accepting others' unique strengths, can we fully appreciate the potential we hold, as individuals and as a whole. So why compete when we can complete each other?



CHOLERIC: doer, dominent, directive, driver, dynamic, determined, developer


Motivated by: challenges, projects, results, and the freedom to act

Goal: to challenge the status quo by controlling the environment and overcoming the opposition in order to achieve the desired results

Strengths: overcomer, visionary, decisive, goal oriented, persistent, initiating, confident, assertive, competitive, authoritative, independent, results oriented, leader, active, delegates

Weaknesses: controversial, oblivious to risks/facts, overbearing, impatient, inflexible, unyielding,dictatorial, braggart, blue, abrasive, demanding, refuses help, insensitive, bossy, restless, workaholic, manipulative

Best Environment: challenging project; variety in schedule and opportunities; freedom from control & detail

Biggest Fear: incompetence; being taken advantage of

Reaction to Stress: takes control

Suggestions for Personal Growth: express empathy and emotion; learn to listen; relax and enjoy life; be honest about weaknesses; admit fault; give to others; practice patience; don't brag or gloat 




SANGUINE: influencer, initiator, inspirer, interest in people, interacter


Motivated by: people, approval, recognition

Goal: To persuade others by creating an environment that motivates and assembles people to influence others

Strengths: optimistic, enthusiastic, personable, charismatic, confident, communicative, persuasive, gregarious, sense of humor, compassionate, life of the party, memory for stories, innocent, good on stage

Weaknesses: overselling, manipulative, self-centered, emotional, overconfident, compulsive talker, poor listener, superficial, exaggerative, angers easily, disorganized, bored with detail, naive, insecure

Best Environment: freedom from control and detail, opportunity to influence others, friendly

Biggest Fear: rejection

Reaction to Stress: attacks verbally

Suggestions for Personal Growth: listen more; discipline yourself to follow through; control your time and emotions; condense your conversation; follow through on friendships; say no to extra responsibilities; be sensitive to others; don't come on too strong.




PHLEGMATIC: sympathetic, stable, steady, sensitive, security conscious, supportive


Motivated by: relationships and appreciation

Goal: to support the present environment by encouraging positive relationships and specializing in specific tasks and consistent roles

Strengths: loyal, supportive, agreeable, relational, easy-going, relaxed, balanced, consistent, sympathetic and kind, diplomatic, dependable, reluctant leader, sincere, quiet listener, contented

Weaknesses: avoids conflict, unenthusiastic, conforming, possessive, complacent, indecisive, limited goals, fearful and worried, unspoken expectations, undisciplined, misses opportunities, lenient, spectator, lethargic

Best Environment: specialized opportunities with parameters; working with a team consistently; supportive appreciation

Biggest Fear: loss of security

Reaction to Stress: passively yields

Suggestions for Personal Growth: acknowledge self-worth; take initiative to participate; set goals; don't procrastinate; make key decisions daily; broaden range of friendships




MELANCHOLY: contemplator, conscientious, competent, creative, controlled, correct/analytical, calculating, compliant


Motivated by: excellence, accuracy, protection and security

Goal: to accurately create a product that meets the highest standards of excellence

Strengths: precise, orderly, thorough, cautious, analytical, systematic, accurate, conscientious, adaptable, creative, quiet, self-sacrificing, faithful, perfectionist, thinker, humble

Weaknesses: to careful, picky, too detailed, too cautious, analysis paralysis, obsessive/compulsive, indecisive, detached, sensitive, finicky, withdrawn, martyr complex, too involved, judgmental, depressed, self-negating

Best Environment: supportive and predictable; clearly defined standards of excellence; operating with precision and accuracy

Biggest Fear: criticism; change

Reaction to Stress: withdraws

Suggestions for Personal Growth: loosen the grip on perfection; don't take it personally; risk verbalizing your feelings; think positively; control emotional highs and lows; respect others with their imperfections; accept change

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