Program Objectives


The combination of your your personality, talents, and experiences is as unique as your fingerprint, and it will how you how you stand out in your industry.

Your Value Proposition

People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. Having a clear sense of purpose will help you navigate any obstacle and help you connect authentically with those you serve.

Your Vision and Mission

If you market to everyone, you market to know one. Identify how your Personal Value Proposition uniquely positions you to serve a specific type of customer, community, and cause.

Your Ideal Target Market

Perfectionism is paralyzing. Learn how to apply Silicon Valley's 'Lean Startup Method' to create your first core product and launch it, before you ever get tangled in all the unimportant details

Your Minimum Viable Product

Studies show that writing something down dramatically improves your chances of success.  You'll create a simple Bullet-Point Business-Plan, which will give you the clarity and focus to maintain  momentum to the finish.

Your One Page Business Plan

Your website gives you access to a global audience, and gives you broader reach than any physical storefront. You will build a simple site based on the 6 Platform Pillars that every great website depends on. 

Your Business

Abandon random acts of marketing and create a lean, reliable plan for rapid business growth. You will apply experts' top strategies in today's new economy, to attract new patrons, increase profits, and stand out from the crowd. 

Your Marketing Strategy

Early, sustained profit ensures long-term success.  You will turn conventional accounting on its head, and use a system that will structure your finances to guarantee your business is  profitable from the first sale. 

Your Profit and Revenue Plan

Once you've EXECUTED, and put the pieces in motion, it's time to test, learn, and refine. Apply ongoing tips, advanced strategies, and best practices to improve your product and strategies until you hit your goals. 

Your Systems and Strategy

- module 01-



"Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire."

-St. Catherine of Sienna

Life is so much more fun when what you do is aligned with who you are. In this Module, you will clarify your Personal Value Proposition: the unique contribution that only you can make. You'll learn the unique elements of your personality, and they shape your work and your customer's experience. 

The Curriculum Overview

There are 8 core learning modules, plus a collection of supplementary materials, bonus trainings, and masterclasses to help you develop the skills to build a sustainable social impact business. Here's our exact curriculum so you can decide if this program is right for you.  

- module 02-



"The secret to success is the focus of purpose." -Thomas Edison

People don't buy what you do. They buy why you do it. So what do you stand for? What impact will you make in the world through your work? What cause will you fight for or against? How will you be remembered? This is your purpose.

- module 03-



"Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others." -Brian Tracy

If you try to appeal to everyone, you'll appeal to no one. In this Module, we'll identify who you were uniquely designed to serve.  Who is your perfect patron? What are their motives, emotions, and story? How will your skills meet their wants and needs? You will identify your perfect patron and outline the solution you will create for them.

- module 04-



"Don't find customers for your product; make products for your customers." -Seth Godin


What will you create for your perfect patron? Hint: they don't want a product or service. They want something much more powerful. In this module, you will learn the absolute best way to package your solution, how exactly you will differentiate yourself in the market. You will also use this week to start creating your minimum viable product.

- module 05-



"It takes real planning to organize this kind of chaos." -Mel Odom

How will you pull all the pieces together, and turn your personal genius into a profitable, purpose-driven business? In this module, you'll create your social-impact business plan, map out your value ladder based, on your core product offering, and build the systems you need to make your business an income-generating asset, rather than a cash-guzzling liability.

- module 06-



"Build platforms that inspire others." -Simon Sinek

Not a techie? Not a problem! Neither are we. But we'll teach you exactly how to build a simple, streamline website that has all the essentials you need to share your message, build your audience, and promote your product. In this module you'll learn the 4 pillars you need for an unforgettable website, you'll draft each of the four pieces, and you'll build your simple, elegant website in under one hour.

- module 07-



"People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic." -Seth Godin

What will you do to elevate your brand, attract your audience, cultivate relationships, and turn strangers into subscribers? In this module, you'll identify the three "C"s to effective growth and modern marketing; you'll map out your development strategy using industry experts' best practices; and you'll create an action plan to turn strangers into patrons, and  prospects into fans. 

- module 08-



"The goal isn't money. The goal is to live life on your own terms." -Chris Brogan

A social impact business has a triple bottom line: income, impact, and influence. In this module you'll structure your finances to ensure the business is profitable from day one. You'll open the 5 foundational accounts every business needs for growth and success. You'll also learn how to strategically allocate your funds to ensure consistent growth. And you'll learn how to sustainably invest your resources to enrich the communities and causes you care about.