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Why You Should Start Your Social Enterprise

Leading social entrepreneurs are incredibly enthusiastic about what they do for a living, because it allows them to live their passion, embracing a career with meaning, and change the world while making a living.

  1. It connects you to your purpose. We each have our own vocation in life. When you do the work you were uniquely designed to do, it keeps you motivated, and brings you fulfillment.

  2. It's a sustainable model. By applying startup principles and modern business models, the venture is sustainable without being reliant on donations, charities, grants, or goodwill. You generate a reliable source of income for yourself and your social mission.

  3. It makes a positive difference in the world. You can use your business as a vehicle to serve the causes and communities you care about. You can be a part of something bigger than yourself, and help play a role in advancing U.N.'s Sustainable Development Goals.

  4. It gives you a competitive edge. Customers, clients, and employees (particularly the younger ones) now expect more from businesses. Consumers choose to buy products from brands they believe are doing social and environmental good (see the Report by Unilever), and a strong social mission attracts the most amazing partnerships.

  5. It inspires others to discover their purpose. When you do what inspires you, you'll inspire others to do what inspires them. And the world would become an all together different place.

Start Something That Matters

Companies with long-term vision also realize their continued success depends on operating in stable, sustainable societies. And if companies participate in creating these types of environments, we are looking at win-win situations all around.

"Letting your light shine invites others to do the same." -Davis Carlson