Start Before You're Ready

You will never have enough reassurance to start.

If you need someone telling you it will all be okay, you are handom, you are tall, you are talented, everything will work out, everything will be fine... If that reassurance is necessary, you're in trouble. Because there will never be enough reassurance to counteract the noise in our head.

"Salto mortale" the brave leap, the dangerous leap, the leap into the void; a risky, dangerous, or crucial step or undertaking. This is not about someone killing themselves, but optimistically trusting where it is going to go.

The thing is, it will always be too soon to leap. It will always feel better to leap later.

  • When Guttenburg launched the printing press, 96% of Europe was illiterate.

  • When Carl Benz launched the car, it was agains the law to drive in Germany. Not only that, but there were no roads, and no gas station.

  • And when AOL and Compuserv came out with their online serves, the fasted you could get online 14.4kb/second.

You always have to leap into the void before it's time, otherwise it's too late. Because you don't get credibility first. You get credibility last. You write first, connect first, leap first, contribute first. And then over time, you build trust and get credibility.

Shortcuts will never get you anywhere.

We go through this unless list of what has to happen as a way of stalling. This is universal. We tell people they should take a plunge, dive in, take a leap. Taking a plunge is too frightening. Maybe we should commit to waiting on a regular basis. Yes, we should ship stuff. But maybe we don't need to ship the thing that would change everything. Maybe we don't need to risk everything on this next venture, but make tiny safe actions that won't provoke criticism, but also won't create change.

The most important step of all is the first step: start something. -Blake Mycoskie


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