Just Do It

What does the word "just" mean? It's not a great word to use, because it seems like it's minimizing whatever phrase will follow it.

So let's look at Nike's iconic phrase, "just do it." Why isn't it just, "do it"?

British historian David Reynolds presents an interesting, analytical dichotomy here.

Some take "just" to mean merely, get over it, easily.

But the other, more provocative possibility is that it means only, as in it's the only option. It's not time to have a dialogue with yourself, or to stall, debate, or wait.

Only do it.

When we talk about resisting Resistance, or not engaging our lizard brain, refusing to entertain our inner dialogue of doubts and fears, what we're saying here is, 'only do your work', 'only make your art', 'only do it.' It is not a debate of whether you will or should or would or could. It is a statement that it is the only option, so there is really no debate.

"Just" isn't that it's easy, but that it's only. You don't have time to discuss, debate, or bargain with your work. You can only do it.


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