How to Catch a Monkey

Do you want to know how they catch monkeys in Africa? The natives take a coconut, and at one end cut a hole just large enough for the monkey's hand to enter. The other end of the coconut is attached to a long rope.

They then carve out the inside of the coconut and toss a few peanuts inside. They place the coconut in a clearing and hide in the trees with the end of the rope. The monkeys come around, smell the peanuts, and reach inside o grab a fistful of goodies. But now, with a fistful, their hand is too large to pull back through the small hole.

The natives then yank on the cord and haul that silly little monkey into captivity, because the monkey will not let go of those few peanuts he thought he wanted.

How much are we sacrificing for a paycheck, some benefits, or a fistful of peanuts?


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