Hope Versus Expectations

Hope and expectation are two ideas that seem similar enough. We hope something will happen, we have expectations for how it will happen. Both are forward thinking notions of a better future. But one will fuel your greatest work, while the other will drown it.

Hope Fuels Creativity

Without hope, we will never be able to accomplish anything. It's hope that gets us out of bed in the morning, it's hope that helps us solve a difficult problem. It's hope that drives any creator that ever creates anything. 'I hope this will change someone', 'I hope this will make a difference'.

Expectation Drowns Creativity

Expectation are the killer of joy. Because our expectations will never match what we expect. And as our expectations rise, we make it more and more likely we will be disappointed.

Trading Expectation for Hope

So as creators, we have to hope; hope richly; We are optimists about the possibility that something might happen. But we have to abandon expectation. We have to be willing to say and accept the fact that this might not work. And that cannot happen at the same time that we expect that it will.

So what I'm hoping you'll do, is be willing to say, 'Here, I made this. I hope it changes you. I hope it was worth making. I hope it helps.' We have be comfortable with someone saying, this isn't for me. In fact, everyone may say, 'it's not for me.'

And then you make something else that might work.

This is how change-makers end up changing the world.


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