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"I believe that every human mind feels pleasure in doing good to another." -Thomas Jefferson

Brands We Love

We believe that your choice of what to buy and wear have the power to change the world.

These are a few companies offering meaningful ways for you to make a difference. 

TOMS | Shoes
When you buy a pair, you give a pair.
31 Bits | Jewelry
How it's made matters.
Warby Parker | Glasses
Making glasses inexpensive.
Life is Good | Apparel
Spread optimism.
Hippies | Snacks
Good for you and the planet.
Matt & Nat | Accessories
Live Beautifully.
1 Face | Watches
The original charity watch.
Darling | Magazine
The art of being a woman.
Altar'd State | Fashion
Stand out for good.
FEED | Bags
Bags on a mission.
Mantra Bands | Bracelets
Daily reminds and inspiration.
Ivory Ella | Apparel
Save the elephants.
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Become a Partner

You're Doing a Freaking GREAT Job
Everyone deserves a pat on the back.
Big Foot Plush Slippers
For some of us, this is an improvement.
Why You're Really Awesome Note Pad
Make them laugh. Make them cry.
We Rise By Lifting Others
Every one of us needs this shirt.
The Book of Awesome
The content speaks for itself.
The Nap Sack
For the chronic napper in your life.
Cookie Monster Plush Slippers
For the cookie lover in your life.
What I Love About You
An easy way to articulate your feelings.
Why You're My Bestie
This is for your bestie, your ride or die.
Fight for a Cause
Fight the good fight together.
Be Fearless in the Pursuit of...
Coloring books are the best!
Words of Wisdom Keepsake
Inspire someone with these nuggets.
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awesome socks.

Pizza Box Socks
Does someone you know love pizza? And socks?
Sushi Box Socks
Who DOESN'T need sushi socks?
Bring Me Coffee Socks
Your coffee lovers will love you for this.
Jaws Socks
Excitement for his everyday wear. . .
Fair Food Socks
Corndogs, and melons, and corn, oh my!
Peanut Butter Jelly Socks
It's peanut butter jelly time!
Donut Socks
Donuts make everything better.
Sneaker Socks
Everyone needs high top sneaker socks.
Funky Novelty Socks
It's like a party in your shoes!
Sneaker Ankle Socks
So sneaky, these sneaker socks...
Animal Toe Socks
Let's bring toe-socks back!
Let Your Light Shine Socks
Inspire someone to let their light shine!
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lucky mugs.

The Ultimate Donut Mug
So, we're obsessed with donuts.
To Do List: Be Awesome
No to-do list is complete without this.
Morning Mood Mug
A mug is worth a thousand words.
Livin' La Vida Mocha
Add a little latin spice to their morning!
Very Stable Genius
Aren't we all?
Homer "Do'h" Nut Holder
This is simply amazing.
Busy Being Awesome
It's exhausting being awesome.
Donut "Hole"der
Did we mention we're obsessed?
Eat More Hole Foods
Sound advice.
Donut Warmer Mug
This is genius.
Let Your Light Shine
For your classier friends.
Holey Mugs!
Like, extremely obsessed with donuts.
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shop for a cause.