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You Were Gifted To Make A Difference

"Make your work be in keeping with your purpose." -Leonardo Da Vinci

The key to loving your work is to identify how you were uniquely equipped to contribute to this world. Each piece of your personality plays a vital role in helping you identify your purpose, passion, and potential.  

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Module 06: PLATFORM

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The key to a successful business is establishing your presence.

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We equip visionaries, creatives, idealists, and changemakers with the tools to build a profitable business that creates positive social change. 

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Write Your Six Core

Site Elements

The key to a successful business is getting crystal clear on who you serve.

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Build Your Website


Building a website doesn't have to take months, or millions of dollars.

Craft Your Compelling

Call To Action

Your CTA is an invitation for your audience to take the first step. 

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 Be sure to submit your questions by 11:59pm Friday for a chance to have them answered in the video discussion on Sunday. 

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"Make your work be in keeping with your purpose." -Leonardo da Vinci

The key to loving your work is identifying your personal strengths and the unique contribution you were designed to make in this world. 

Module Seven: PROMOTE

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Create a Distinct Color Palette for Your Brand

Color plays a significant role in how your brand is perceived, and helps to attract the right kind of patrons.

Take Inventory of

Your Talents

You don't have to guess what your patrons want. You can just ask.

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Examine Your


Your patrons don't want your product or service. They want a transformation.

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